two weeks

Last night at 2:39 am, I sent a draft of chapter 5 to my dissertation chair. Yay! In the next two weeks, I need to go back to chapter one and work out a couple of things, make some minor corrections to chapter three, do whatever rewrites my chair has for me for chapters four and five, write an introduction to the whole deal, and make sure I’m doing my formatting and citations correctly. This is assuming she gets chapters 4 and 5 notes back to me. Then I send her the whole deal and she looks at it, gives me notes, and I make any changes she requires. Then I give it to my other committee members. They have 30 days to read it and ask for changes. Once all three of them sign it off, I send it to the university and they check it over and give me corrections–formatting, technical stuff, I assume. And then I file.

Meanwhile, I return to my job search documents and finish getting those in order and start fine-tuning them to the particular jobs and sending them off.

Meanwhile, my mom and my in-laws arrive Thursday for a five-day baptism extravaganza (only one day for the baptisms, but they are here Thursday through Tuesday.) My in-laws are lovely people who totally stress me out. Many thanks to my dad for already being here.

I figure if I can make it through the next two weeks, I’m home free.

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One Response to two weeks

  1. mompriest says:

    prayers for you and your family as you celebrate and spend time together…and then hopefully rest.

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