sunday school

I have to give props to the Presbyterians. I taught Sunday School this morning. We’re doing the rotation model, something about This We Believe (not remembering the exact name–don’t feel like getting up and finding it.) I am doing the story-telling/drama section for 3 weeks.

Yesterday I opened up the folder I’d been given and was a little overwhelmed. Okay, so I should have looked at it before Saturday afternoon. My bad. I whined a bit on FB about having to use someone else’s curriculum, but then I started really looking at it. The lesson was thoughtful and totally followed good teaching practices. It was a basic into-through-beyond model (always my favorite unit/lesson plan set-up) and it worked to hit every possible learning style. It was more work than I had expected, but now that I have it set up, I’m good for all 3 weeks, so that’s not bad. The truth is, it was a lesson I might have written.

And Bubble went to her own class all by herself and did just fine!

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4 Responses to sunday school

  1. mompriest says:

    I don’t know anything about writing lessons plans, but love that this one works so well for you.

  2. I’m always on the lookout for good CE curriculum. Mind sharing which one this is?

    • bookgirl71 says:

      I’ll find it for you when I get home, but I’ll warn you that it’s pretty denominationally specific.

    • bookgirl71 says:

      Hey, Jason. It’s called “We Believe Workshop” and it’s all handled on-line (downloadable) which is cool, but it really is pretty denominationally heavy, as in: Here’s what Presbyterians believe about creation; here are the catechism questions this lesson answers, etc.

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