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This is just for my memory. I haven’t kept great track of Squeak’s milestones. He slept through the night last night! Woo-hoo! He is very definite about what he wants. He catches my eye and then walks somewhere and if I don’t follow him he comes back and grunts. He will also take my finger and lead me. Any time we are in the kitchen he goes to the fridge and I open it and he either wants juice or grapes or occasionally milk. Any time the freezer opens, he darts in to grab a frozen juice pop or frozen yogurt treat. He likes reading books. We can get through one or two board books at a sitting. He also likes sitting independently and looking through books. He’s much more independent than Bubble ever was or is, but he is also a mama’s boy and if I am around and he is at all hungry or tired it can be hard for anyone else to make him happy. He loves to push things around–little plastic chairs and Bubble’s doll stroller especially. He finally says Ma and Da. He also says Duck, Dog, Woof, Moo, Cat, Juice, Milk, Book, Ball, Bath, Hat, Hi, Nose, Truck, Bird. He also says “Dooo” which means Toooodles.

He’s about 33 inches and 27 pounds. He’s finally getting hair, though it is so light and thin it doesn’t much look like it. It curls a little in back. My baby is starting to look and act very much like a little boy.

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