tuesday tidings

I’m trying to get the bulk of Chapter 5 (the last chapter!!) written before my mom leaves Sunday. We’ll see how that goes. I’m still waiting for feedback on chapters 3 and 4, but I have to push ahead.

Squeak seems to be teething or something. I was up with him a couple of times last night.

The second time, about 3:30, I left Squeak back in his portable crib and stopped in to cover up Bubble on my way back to bed. As I covered her, I heard a small voice, “I want you to come in my bed.” What’s a mom to do? I crawled in next to her and she grabbed ahold of my finger. I thought she was asleep a couple of times and tried extracting my finger. She just held on tighter. After about twenty minutes, I was finally able to ease myself out and head back to bed.

Computerguy has been on summer hours (approximately 7:30-4:30) since June. He went back to normal hours today (8:30-5:30), so we discussed walking this morning. At 7:05 I awoke and asked if he wanted to walk. I was sure he would say no. No such luck. So we got up and did our mile up the hill and around the neighborhood, chatting about this and that as we walked. We’ve done this off and on since the year we were dating when he would walk in California and I’d walk in Indiana, talking on the phone through the walk. I always like it when we start the day that way. We do much better with morning walks than evening. Somehow it’s easier to stick to the schedule.

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, we can leave the kids and get out. We’ll have to re-group when they leave. Evening family walks work, but as I said, it’s harder to keep them up. Something gets in the way.

One of my closest friends celebrates his birthday today. About 17 years ago (!) I threw a party for him and another friend at my parents’ house. My brother had just rescued a tiny himalayan kitten. It hadn’t been to the vet yet. Everybody passed that cat around. Everyone ended up with ring worm. I was mortified. But it was memorable.

I need to get set up with our scanner for old photos. The picture is a himalayan cat named Percy taken by Karnak and distributed under public license.

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3 Responses to tuesday tidings

  1. quackademic says:

    I had a cat that gave everyone ring worm, too. Like, my college class. And the two kids I babysat for. Who happened to be a prof’s kids…bad cats!!!

  2. mompriest says:

    the morning walk together is a great idea. we walk dogs so walking is always a little too chaotic for much talking, even though the dogs are short leashed and well behaved…but I agree, if I don’t exercisei in the morning I usually don’t get to it at all…

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