this should not terrify me

So yesterday at church a woman invited me to come to one of the women’s groups. It meets tonight at a local restaurant. I agreed to come. Computerguy thinks its a great idea.

I am 39 years old, a wife, the mother of two small children, a former high school teacher, and nearly a Ph.D. I’ve travelled around the world, moved halfway across the country alone, sat through 12 hours of written and 3 hours of oral Ph.D. qualifying exams, lectured in front of 200 students, given papers at conferences where people know a whole lot more than I do, etc. etc. So why does walking in to a restaurant to find a group of women I may or may not recognize absolutely terrify me?

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6 Responses to this should not terrify me

  1. In a similar vein, I found myself terrified last Fall, after we closed down WBF, at the prospect of visiting new churches. Odd that.

  2. Silent says:

    Intoversion? Just absolutely agreeing with you–can feel for you as I so often feel the same! Hope it went well.

  3. quackademic says:

    Because gatherings of church women are terrifying…the equation is something like estrogen+faith=SCARY! I say that as a woman in a church, too!

  4. mompriest says:

    The hope is that this will become for you a great group of women/support/sharing/learning….the fear is it will be the opposite – church women at their worst judgmental/exclusive/narrow….at least that would be my fear.

  5. bookgirl71 says:

    Thanks for all the supportive comments. The evening was fine. I was only slightly soically awkward. People were nice. I’ll join the relatively low commitment group (just once a month!) I don’t know if there are any kindred spirits there or not, but it won’t hurt to find out and to start recognizing a few more faces in church.

  6. CC says:

    I can totally relate. It’s like a blind date!!

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