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So far, with the exception of Movie Mom, these are blogs of people I know In Real Life. Which means there is an evangelical bent on my blogroll. But all of these folks are just trying to live their lives for God and make a difference where they can. They tend to write more about life than theology. None of them are particularly confrontational types. They are very dear friends with whom I can talk with respect and without judgment.

Movie Mom: My favorite movie reviewer and writer of all things media related. While she discusses audience and appropriateness of films by ages of viewers, she reviews everything. One of the things I like about her reviews is that she bases her judgments on whether the film meets the expectations of its intended audience, so she gives high grades to popular movies based on expectations.

Quackademic: A friend from my Purdue MA days. A WOG. Remind me to write about the WOGs some time. She was a Ph.D. student when I was still a lowly MA student and she already knew a whole lot more about American Lit than I ever will. She describes herself as “a Christian-church attending-more-or-less-politically conservative academic-teacher of gender studies, feminism, and queer theory” (Quackademic It’s in the section on “most disappointing”). Now that’s interesting.

Testifying: One of my old roomies/dearest friends and her husband. He is a children’s pastor and seminary student. She is a stay-at-home mom. These are their thoughts on family, parenthood, God, and missions.

What the Hecka, Becka?: Becka was one of my AP students my last year teaching high school. Now she is a high school English teacher. This is her journey.

You Must Be Kidding…: A friend of Computerguy. They did square dancing together. She once taught high school English. She is full-time with a mission organization as, I think, a curriculum specialist of sorts.

I’ll try to write a little about each blog I add to the blogroll. I will eventually either ask to become a RevGalBlogPal (as a Pal, obviously) or add some of those blogs. They are where I spend most of my on-line time, but this online community thing is still a little awkward for me. I like these folks, but what if they don’t like me?

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