Reaching out...

The concept and reality of community has become kind of a “thing” for me lately, really pretty much since we went back to church. I’m going to try to write some blog posts about community, though I’m sure they’ll be interspersed with other things that come up.

In honor of blog community, I will try to put up a blog roll. I’ve now seen myself on 2 friends’ blog rolls, and I think it’s time I returned the favor.

Meanwhile, my mom is here and I have a deadline for myself of Monday (before we head out for my mom’s side family reunion+in-law visit) for being finished with re-writes of chapter 3 and tweaking of chapter 4, so I may not write much here. But it may not stop me…

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One Response to community

  1. quackademic says:

    I’m so impressed with the way you’re working on your diss! And thanks for the blogroll “shout out”!

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