a fun age

Squeak is at a really fun age. He can pretty much eat by himself–yay! He sits and plays by himself, but he’s also super social and quite the flirt. For awhile I had to carry him anywhere we really wanted to go because if I let him walk, he would wrench his hand away from me and be all over the place. Now he’s starting to take my hand and allow himself to be directed.

He wakes up happy. This morning we sat together and he laughed and laughed. Then he started climbing up onto the footstool and jumping (or falling) from it toward the chair and into my arms. Then he would laugh and laugh.

He still finds any bird around and points, “birrrr, birrrrr.” He’s been playing with Computerguy’s birthday balloon for days. He carries it around and pulls the ribbon and watches. He climbs anything he can, throws balls, and loves to empty containers.

Our biggest frustrations are the fact that he still does not sleep though the night ::sigh:: and once he is finished eating (or if he just isn’t hungry) pretty much everyone has to be finished. We need some little toys to occupy him in his high chair.

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