what i did on my summer vacation

Well, I totally failed keeping up on the blog while I was traveling. I’m not sure one should have to process a vacation, but I feel like I should. We’ll see whether I do. Meanwhile, here are a few thoughts:

All my emotions hit me the morning of the memorial service for my grandparents. It sort of surprised me, how much it mattered. I’m so glad we had the graveside committal ceremony with the Presbyterian minister. My grandparents may not have been overtly religious, but it was important to me and I suppose to my uncle who set it up.

I think we honored my grandparents well through the memorial service at the MacNider Museum and our steak dinner that evening.

We also enjoyed dinner at the lake at Clear Lake, ribs from Bill’s Ribs, and the North Iowa Fair. Good family time, good food, good memories.

Computerguy and I went to church Sunday morning (First Presbyterian Church of Mason City) They had a band conducting the service–jazz music interspersed with scripture and liturgy. Really a neat time of worship.

CG and I split Monday morning at the airport. I am thankful that his plane left after ours, so he was able to help us all the way to the gate.

I actually had enough time in a week and a ten hour each way road trip with my Tennessee Roomie to catch up for real. We talk for an hour on the phone every few months and never get to say it all. I think we said it all this time–or at least most of it.

Great time in Illinois with our other roomie and our 6 kids ranging in age from 0-5. It’s nice having people of my advanced years with kids as little as mine. I still wish they lived closer.

Stopped at Holiday World on the way back to Tennessee. Good times!

Went to a Baptist Mega Church with Tennessee folks. If you’ve seen NorthPoint’s Sunday’s Coming movie trailer, you’ve seen this church. My friends love the excellence of worship and the opportunities for their daughter and the small group in which they participate.

I dreaded the 4+ hour flight from Nashville to Oakland, but Squeak slept through most of it. I thought Bubble did awfully well even if the woman in front of her disagreed. I think she jerked the tray table down once and kicked the seat once and talked incessantly, but for 3-years-old, I think that’s pretty darn good. And we were seated first. It was Southwest and, while it was a full flight, there were still seats to be had when the Lady-in-Front chose to sit in front of a 3-year-old. ::sigh::

Computerguy picked us up and we stopped at the glittery new Sonic on Foothill for dinner. Both kids fell asleep (they’d gotten a little used to CDT) so we sat in the car and started catching up while we ate.

We decided it would be a good time to move Squeak out of our room since he hadn’t been there in quite a long time anyway, so we set up the port-a-crib in Bubble’s room and moved him, hopefully for good. CG, bless him, took the night shift. We’ll make things more permanent soon.

I have a child calling from the other room, so that’s it for now.

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