imaginary friends at the park

I was reminded yesterday that part of my reason for blogging was to write down stories to remember about the kids. So here goes.

Yesterday we drove from Minneapolis, MN to Mason City, IA. As is our wont, we took smaller highways rather than the interstate. When we have time, we like seeing what is along the way. We had leftover pizza from Wednesday night, so we decided to stop at a park and let the kids play and have lunch. We pulled over and consulted the GPS and the closest park we found was 10 miles and we couldn’t tell if it was on the route. Frustrating. Then we looked up and there was a perfect neighborhood park within sight. We had a good laugh at ourselves and pulled on up.

The park had 3 brightly colored baby swings in a row, a rarity for California parks. Bubble immediately said, “one for me and one for Squeak and one for Ribbity.” So we pushed her and Squeak and Ribbity, too. She told us it was baby Ribbity and Big Ribbity and Big Wiggles and Baby Wiggles were on the big kid swings over there.

Then she wanted everyone to switch swings. “Now I’ll be in blue and Squeak has to be in yellow and Ribbity will be in the red one.” So we moved everyone over. Why not? It doesn’t take much to make her happy, but we’d had a pretty rough morning over her wanting to eat the motel breakfast (we went to Al’s Diner) and wanting to watch Clifford (it had been on a couple mornings prior, but not when we turned the TV on this morning. We have Tivo, so she doesn’t really understand real-time TV.)

Later, I had Squeak and her dad had Bubble and Wiggles and Ribbity were both swinging with her. Her dad was duly pushing all three swings. I do love that man.

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