world cup

I have a post in the draft queue regarding the upcoming PC(USA) General Assembly, but I don’t think I’ll post it. It’s kind of wishy washy and not anything a hundred (thousand?) conflicted moderates like me haven’t said before. If anyone really wants to know how I feel, drop me a note in the comments or via email and I’ll email it or something. We will, through an odd set of circumstances, be in Minneapolis during the General Assembly and plan to head over to the 4th of July festivities if they let us in (which I can’t find anything suggesting they won’t).

I had planned to spend the day in a coffee house working on the diss., but Bubble had a bad night with food poisoning (we think) and I’ve been hanging out with her. She’s been napping and I turned on the Brazil/Chile match just in time to see Brazil score their first goal. And their second!

So I thought I’d ditch church politics and reminisce about the World Cup instead. I’m not much into sports, but I love soccer and I love following the World Cup. Some favorite World Cup memories of mine (Qualification: This is about my experiences, not about the matches themselves.)

1982: (This is my memory. I was 11. I have no idea how accurate it is.) A group of high schoolers from the mission community watching the final match on our big console black and white TV on the screened-in-porch in what seemed like the middle of the night. It was my first experience with a group sporting event, and I got a taste of that amazing group energy that comes at such times.

1994: We had been camping and I had jammed my finger. Badly. I got home, watched the World Cup final match, and then went to the urgent care. My finger was broken.

2002: I invited a sports nut friend who had recently returned from two years in Turkey over for the Turkey vs. USA match. (See comment for correction/clarification.) It started around 5:00 a.m. We invited the other member of our trio, but, oddly enough, she wasn’t interested. We ate cinnamon rolls and watched the match. When it was over, she went home and crashed and I went to work.

2010: It’s been fun following along with friends via Facebook. It almost makes me wish I did Twitter.

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  1. bookgirl71 says:

    I don’t remember who Turkey played when my friend and I watched that early morning match, but evidently it was not the USA. It had to have been someone I was rooting for because we were playing up the competition aspect. I guess I’ve slept since then.

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