that’s my girl

Bubble has a couple of books in which characters go to the doctor for a check-up (Dora, Pooh Bear) and she likes to play check-up with her stuffed animals. Today she is letting one of the boy animals be the doctor and she just said, “Isn’t it funny that a boy is the doctor today when usually girls are the doctors?” That’s my girl!

For the record, my hope is that my daughter and son will see that boys and girls can both be anything they want, and I’m glad that our church, for instance, has both men and women in leadership even if it makes me, personally, happy that our senior pastor is a woman–but it’s not just that she’s a woman, it’s who she is as a pastor, that I love. I am just young enough to be of the generation that says “not just any woman–the right woman.” Our associate is truly a terrific guy and I wouldn’t want my son to think he can’t be a pastor (or a doctor or a teacher or a nurse or an artist or a homemaker or a whatever) any more than I want my daughter to think she can’t be.

But still–that’s my girl!

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