imaginary friends

Checking on Ribbity

Bubble has two imaginary friends, Wiggles and Ribbity. When we ask her where they are, she gestures with her hands to show us. Wiggles has four mouths, “one here (points to her forehead), one here (one cheek), one here (the other cheek), and one here (her mouth). He can eat four sandwiches at one time.” Yesterday she said that Wiggles had turned 100 years old and would be dying today at noon. Then today she said Wiggles had died, but here was a new Wiggles now who was one. This comes, of course, from the death of her great grandfather. She’s been working on death. She asks when she is going to die. We tell her probably not until she is very old, maybe 100. She asks when we will die. We say we don’t know, but hopefully not until we are very old. It’s hard, answering her questions, trying to be truthful and assuring at the same time. I think we’re doing okay.

Squeak rides one of the Ribbitys

Ribbity, of course, is a frog. Sometimes it is the frog light in front of the house and sometimes it is the ceramic frog in back and sometimes it is invisible and sits next to Bubble in the car or the shopping cart. Bubble asks to go outside after dinner to check on Ribbity. Ribbity is easier for this mom.

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