There’s nothing like a good walk to get me thinking about things I want to say. But first came dinner tonight. We met my Mom’s mom and sister and brother and some of their families for Vince’s Spaghetti. We’ve been going to Vince’s all my life. In fact, my first Vince’s meal is a family story. I was about a month old and my mom was breastfeeding me. My aunt–14 years younger than my mom and about 13 at the time–was mortified. This aunt eventually probably nursed all 3 of her sons at Vince’s one time or another. Anyway–it’s soup (my favorite part of a Vince’s meal–just a simple vegetable soup, but so tasty) and salad and spaghetti and garlic or cheese bread and conversation and fun. It was a smallish family group for us at 15–but that’s nice sometimes. Everyone’s a part of the conversation.

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