new babies

I have been waiting this month to hear news from a dear friend about a new arrival. Her first was 5 weeks early and there was some touch and go involved for Mom the next few days. She was the first of our trio to have a baby and it was eye-opening. Her second was 2 weeks early, but there were no health issues. Thus, we weren’t sure when to expect the news this time. Now, she is nearing her due date and everything is going swimmingly and she will be induced Monday if nothing happens this weekend. Waiting and praying.

Squeak within his first hour

And I think about that anticipation of meeting a new little one. I little over a year ago, we were there, waiting for Squeak to be born. And my babies come late, so it was 41+ weeks. We didn’t know if he would be a boy or a girl, what color his eyes would be (blue), if he would have his dad’s curly hair (it doesn’t seem like it, though it is starting to curl in the back) or hair at all (not much). I anticipated sending email and posting on Facebook, letting people who were waiting with us know (and some people who didn’t even know we were expecting since we were so much more low key with #2).

Bubble within her first 24 hours

I miss that anticipation, that meeting of the new life. But I don’t miss being pregnant. I don’t miss the all-encompassing work of having a newborn. I still have ambiguous feelings about this, but I don’t miss nursing. I loved my babies, but I’m more at ease with my toddler and pre-schooler and will probably be even more at ease with my schoolchildren, but we’ll take our time getting there. I want to enjoy every stage, but I don’t want to start over. But there is that moment. Meeting and cuddling for the very first time. There’s just something about it.

Meanwhile, I look forward to hearing about my friend’s little one. I look forward to seeing pictures. I look forward to snuggling and cuddling him one day (sadly we live 2000 miles apart, but we’re working on summer plans). And there are other babies in my life. And every one is special. And that’s a good thing.

Edited to Add: May 24, 2010 my friend welcomed her baby boy into our world. Thanks be to God.

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