mother’s day

Computerguy did well this year for Mother’s Day. He made apple pancakes for breakfast and then, after church, took the kids and me for a surprise trip to Oak Glen. This is the first year he has really put thought into Mother’s Day (on my behalf–he always does something for his mom), and it was nice. Mostly I just like getting out of the house together as a family. Oak Glen is all about apples, so this is the off-season for them. The Apple Blossom Festival was in April and the apple picking starts in the fall, but for now it’s just a cute little touristy place with restaurants, shops, old fashioned buildings, and an extensive petting zoo. We had lunch at the place to the right. I had a grilled apple, cheese, and bacon sandwich. Those are flavors I’ve put together myself–though never in a grilled cheese sandwich–and I like the combination. Across from the restaurant were birds and we saw a peacock showing off and a couple of emu.

We realized this was not the time to go through shops, but we had a wonderful hour in the petting zoo. Bubble held her hand out a few times and let animals eat from it (goats, sheep, and pigs mostly, but there were a couple more exotic animals.) A lot of the times she would start to hold her hand out and then scatter the corn. Eventually, she thought it was hilarious to say she was going to feed them, and then put the corn on the back of a sleeping goat. She has quite the sense of humor. Squeak walked around mostly unafraid. These were really tame animals. His favorite thing right now is to butt up against me and then crawl between my legs. He did this over and over like a young goat.

When we left the petting zoo, we wandered around for a bit, but it was getting chilly, so we headed for a restaurant and a “treat.” I’d been wanting coffee all day, but it was never quite convenient to grab one, so I was grateful to be sitting in a restaurant with coffee and an apple turnover–although the pervasive and pervading smell of animal on my jacket kept making me feel a tiny bit nauseated. CG had cherry pie. Unfortunately, we also had a fussy toddler and tired/frustrated preschooler. We probably pushed them just a little too hard. But they did okay thanks to bites of cherry pie for the squeaker and a really good nature who can’t stay pouty very long (she wanted to eat the packets of jam on the table and her dad said no) for our Bubble.

Once we got in the car, Squeak fell asleep almost instantly and slept the entire trip home. Bubble listened to music (I hook the iPod into the car stereo through a cassette adapter and play her albums) and talked and we told stories. On the 1/2 hour drive we stopped four times–1st to make sure I had my little purse that was in the bottom of the stroller, 2nd for CG to take photos, 3rd for CG to pick a mustard plant for Bubble to try (she took a bite and said Dad could have the rest), and 4th to pick up milk at the store. We finally got home, stripped everyone, put the kids in the bath and the clothes in the wash, and had a nice evening. Computerguy had been envisioning dinner somewhere on the way home, but our late stop for a treat, the tiredness of the kids, and the stench of the animals all worked to kill that plan. Relaxing at home was just fine. I heated up some tomato basil soup and made quesadillas and we had a fine supper that was much more relaxing than a restaurant would have been at that point. It was a really nice day and it ended with me staying up too late reading blogs while CG fell asleep on the couch.

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