friday night pizza night 5/7

In 2007 we had Thanksgiving at home with just Computerguy, Bubble, and me. I was literally in the middle of my qualifying exams (I had taken the writtens and was preparing for the oral). Rather than make a big Thanksgiving meal for 2 and 1/2, we made gourmet pizza from frozen bread dough. As usual, we over-topped the pizzas, but it was fun if thick and soggy. That spurred us to get a breadmaker which spurred me to start playing with making pizzas. For Christmas CG gave me a pizza peel which lets me heat the pizza stone first, so we get thin, crispy crusts (my favorite). Sometimes I go gourmet (pesto sauce with artichoke hearts, sweet peppers, onions, and tomatoes is a favorite of mine) and sometimes I do classic (tomato sauce with pepperoni and mushrooms is always a winner). I’ve learned that less is more and since we do this pretty much every week, there’s no feeling like we have to put absolutely everything on any single pizza. This week we had barbecue chicken pizza. Leftover roast chicken in barbecue sauce, half barbecue sauce/half pizza sauce, red onions, and gouda cheese.

The next step, and we’ve talked about this but haven’t made it happen, is inviting someone over every week for Friday Night Pizza Night. So come on over, just let me know so I know how many pizzas to make.

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