I’m pretty non-confrontational. I don’t say much on that ubiquitous social networking site that is going to start arguments. I have “friends” (I think we need a new word for this kind of friend) from the extreme agnostic left to the extreme evangelical right. I sometimes think my “friends” tend to believe that I agree with them whichever side they’re on. And I don’t think there are just two sides, anyway, but that’s another post. Sometimes I think I’m open enough that people know I don’t just follow the party line, whoever is holding the party. But I’m not sure.

My point when I started this post was that a post like the one I did yesterday is not really meant to be confrontational. I’m just expressing how things hit me and writing it out because that’s how I process. I don’t expect to enlighten anyone or change anyone’s mind. I don’t care for debate because it stresses me out and I think about the only thing it is good for is reinforcing existing opinions. Yes, I came out of a tradition that is oppressive to women. Yes, I think it’s a problem because even when they give lip-service to separate but equal, they persist in little things no one thinks about that show girls that they are not equal. (One example that I noted while I was in high school: only ordained people can be on an ordination council. Only men can be ordained. Therefore only men can be on an ordination council in charge of discerning whether another man has the okay from God to move into ministry. In my experience there wasn’t a ton of discernment in such instances anyway. Maybe there would have been a little more if more voices had been part of the process.) But all that aside, there are many many churches who do recognize true equality in Christ and now I’m going to one of those churches and my children will be raised with that understanding, so I don’t really have to fight the past and I certainly shouldn’t be bitter about it. And other folks have written much more elegantly and theologically about that, so I’m not trying to convince anyone. I’m just thinking with my keyboard because that’s who I am.

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