the birthday

Computerguy and I debated the merits of having some sort of birthday extravaganza for Squeak, but decided it just wasn’t the year for it (hardly a surprising decision coming from us.) We’ll do that when he can appreciate it, and if he really is the extravert I think he is, we’ll probably do it more often than not. (Before her birthday, I asked Bubble whom she wanted to have over for her 3rd birthday and her answer was, “Mommy, Daddy, and a big baby named Squeak.” You should have seen CG’s face light up at that answer. Somehow I’m doubting we’ll get the same answer from Squeak in 2 years. But I digress.)

Computerguy’s folks were visiting the week before the birthday, so we celebrated early with them and they gave Squeak a new car he loves to ride. We did an evening birthday thing that was a little disappointing. (Note to self: Squeak is a morning person, act in accordance with his needs.) The next morning he found his card again and opened and shut it to hear the sheep baa-ing “happy birthday.” I hope his Mimi and Pop were satisfied with that. He has about worn the card out. He just loves it.

The actual day was Sunday. We got up and got ready for church and CG took Squeak outside and took 1st birthday pics while I got Bubble ready (not a morning person–not at all.) He got some great shots. I’ll post them soon, but there are a lot to sift through. We went to church (Squeak napped in the nursery, a big plus for our schedule), skipped the hot dog lunch (though we might have stayed had it been any other day), and came home to meet my folks (it was Grandpa’s birthday, too). Mid-afternoon we had cake and presents. That worked out pretty well, though first thing in the morning might have been even better. We got some good frosting smeared photos, but it turns out, Squeak didn’t really go for the cake. He did very much enjoy pulling his gifts out of bags and boxes and is still playing with the little car he got from Grandma and Grandpa.

CG and I had the odd experience of shopping for him (Saturday night after dinner at Target with both kids) and realizing there just wasn’t anything to get him because we still had all the things Bubble got in her first two years and the in-laws had gotten him that great car. So we got him a blow-up punching bag lion and a mylar balloon because they hold helium so well and he loves balloons and that was that.

Then Squeak took a nap and when he awoke we took Grandpa and the family out for Chinese food. A nice day all in all. And maybe we’ll have a party at some point just because.

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