almost one

This is for my memory more than anything. Squeak turns 1 on Sunday. He says book, ball, and bird (boo, ba, bir) and duck (du) and he waves and says “bye”. He loves books, especially the peek-a-boo book, but really he’ll flip through any kind of book and let me read board books of all kinds to him. He loves to watch the Happy Bird (bir). He’s crazy about electronics. I can’t pull out my phone around him and right at the moment he is pointing at my laptop and squealing because he can’t reach it. He does a lot of pointing and squealing and we’re not always quite sure what he wants. He also loves drinking vessels of all kinds. He walks all over the place. He was totally walking within a couple days of my prior post about it. He falls a lot. He loves his sister. He hugs her and pulls her hair. He likes putting things into containers. He sometimes sleeps through the night (until after 4 am) and sometimes wakes up once. This kid is musical (must get it from his dad.) He has been making sound come out of the recorder for months and plays the drum and xylophone. He also dances any time music starts playing. And he’s got rhythm. He’s into everything right now and we really need to childproof our new kitchen cabinets. Must get back to him…

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