great grandpa 1909-2010

My grandfather passed away yesterday morning, March 31, 2010. I never really knew what to say to him, but I loved playing cards with him. We played his own special brand of Rummy. It was a simple game with rules slightly different than any other rummy game I’ve played. We learned to play it at elementary school age and filled many visits with it thereafter. We didn’t have to talk; we just spent time together. When his vision became too poor to play cards, the visits were a little harder for me. He was a good talker, though, and Computerguy turned out to be a great conversationalist with him. He could get him started on stories of living through a century–and what a century. We could never convince him he needed a computer, but he loved seeing our gadgets and hearing what they could do. And he used simple gadgets that would help him: books on tape, a viewer that allowed print to be seen in a large size on a screen, an answering machine.

Family was important to him and he loved his great grandchildren. Squeak will most likely be the final great grandchild and he got to hold him last June and hear progress updates every day from my dad. He seemed to think Bubble was charming and Squeak was strong.

I love you, Grandpa.

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