Squeak is learning to walk. He’s doing this in what seems to me the normal way. At eight months, he started crawling and he started standing up and cruising with the help of furniture. Now he takes a few steps before falling down. Falling down doesn’t bother him a bit. He walks between the couch and table or between two people. He holds a hand and walks as far as he can. I expect he’ll be walking on his own very soon.

Bubble was so different. She started crawling and cruising at eight months as well. And she cruised and cruised and cruised. We kept expecting her to let go and take a step or two, but she never did. I finally realized that she was waiting until she knew she could do it. At fourteen months, she let go and walked and never fell. Ever.

I’m sure someone could draw a lesson from this, but I don’t really have one. I just know that my two children are individuals and part of my responsibility as a mom is to remember that. Always.

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One Response to walking

  1. Jenette says:

    That’s exactly how Jordan was, she walked at 16 months and never fell 🙂 She is still very cautious and wants to figure things out before she leaps into them. I on the other hand…

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